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You and your patient have worked hard to accomplish your treatment goals. Choose a retention plan that will maintain those results!

Functional Therapy

Functional therapy works to correct the main types of malocclusion. A proper balance of bone, muscle and tissue is the goal of treatment.  

Splint Therapy

The objective of most splint therapies is to establish the correct position of the mandible to the maxilla in three directions to increase the comfort of the patient. 

Diagnostic Models

Available in both plaster and digital formats, our diagnostic study models help you keep track of your growing body of work while meeting your legal requirements. 

Finishing & Aligning

Every practice encounters a time when  finishing appliances are needed. Aligners may be the solution you need for minor tooth adjustment. 

Habit Control

Oral habits like are natural for young children, but when a habit persists too long, some form of intervention may be needed. 

Health & Safety

From new natural therapies to classic solutions, we have the solutions you need to help your patient protect their pearly whites. 

Display-Only Demos

Whether you’re a dental professional, a student, an aspiring technician, or a fan of all things orthodontics — our demo appliances will meet your need to get a closer look at what we do. They look great on a desk too!


Everyone wants to feel good about their smile. Our aesthetic appliances can help increase your patient’s self-esteem during treatment. 

Space Maintenance

Our space maintenance appliances have many uses from simply maintaining tooth spacing to minor adjustments of tooth placement.

Arch Development

Many orthodontic cases benefit from arch development by freeing up the mandible for movement and by creating space for crowded teeth. 

Handmade Gifts

Shop for our unique ortho-inspired gifts for the ortho enthusiast in your life. Handmade by our talented technicians!