If This Is Your First Case Sending to NorthStar Follow These Instructions:

  • Log In To Your Sirona Connect Account
  • Search for NorthStar Orthodontics Inc. in the list of labs using our city, Park Rapids, MN
  • Adding NorthStar to your Favorite Lab List Will Notify Us Immediately

How do i send a case to a lab with Sirona Connect?

1. After the Administration, Acquisition, and Model phases are complete, click the arrow forward to move to the Connect phase.  Enter your User ID and Password and click Log in.
2. Click Enter Order Data.
3. There are 4 mandatory fields on this screen:

a. Select your desired lab.
b. Select patient gender (male/female).
c. Select a return date from the calendar.
d. Enter additional instructions.
Once these steps are complete and the progress bar at the bottom of the screen reads “Dental case file was upload successfully”, you may click Add to Cart.

4. Click Submit Cart.

5. Verify the username and password, then click Commission. The case is sent to the lab and you may now close your software.

Our Customer Support Info: [email protected]
Toll Free: 800.346.0011
Local: 218.732.9503