Account Information
Opening an Account
  • Click link to register a new account. Register →
  • An account number will be assigned.
  • Your office will be contacted to verify contact information and determine any special billing needs
  • Our technical supervisor will contact you regarding technical appliance construction preferences.
  • You will be sent a Welcome Kit which includes company literature and all necessary shipping materials.
Billing Policy
  • An invoice for each patient is shipped with the completed case.  Keep these invoices to verify your monthly statement. Statements are mailed approx the 3rd of each month.
  • Payments are due within 30 days to avoid a finance charge.
  • We accept MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express either on an individual basis or automatically each month if an agreement has been signed.
  • If you require special arrangements for multiple offices, alternate billing locations, etc. please contact Amanda at 800.346.0011 ext.114.
Account Forms

All of our documents are in PDF format for the utmost in universal accessibility. Adobe Acrobat is primarily used to view these documents, and if you don’t have it, you can
download it at Adobe’s website for free.

Appliance Protection
Take the stress out of lost or broken appliances.


Orthodontic appliances are carefully designed and precisely handcrafted.  With proper care, this appliance should last throughout treatment.


Purchasing NorthStar’s appliance protection takes the stress out of lost or broken appliances. Damaged or lost appliances may be replaced once at no charge and subsequently at 50% during the coverage year for a reasonable single charge.

You design how you want the plan to work in your practice. You may purchase coverage as perks for your patient or you may make it available to your patients for purchase – at whatever price you determine! Either way, it will be greatly appreciated when an appliance is lost or broken.

For details and for pricing information, call Clinician Support @ 800.346.0011

Product Warranty
100% Unconditional Repair/Remake Warranty*


Limited Warranty*

NorthStar warrants that its appliances are free from errors in workmanship for 120 days from the original date of invoice. NorthStar will repair or replace (at our discretion) any product that fails for reasons other than clinical non-fit due to dentition change, model distortion or breakage from improper handling. To submit your warranty claim, please follow the submission guidelines listed in our Unconditional Warranty above. *Does not apply to aligners or other appliances with digitally reset teeth.

Warranty – Bite and Models Required

List of appliances that require a wax bite and/or opposing model to
qualify for NorthStar’s warranty.

Prescription Forms
Arch Development Rx

Digital Rx

Finishing/Aligning Rx

Functional Rx

Herbst Rx

Most Requested Rx

Resin Model Rx
Retention Rx

Space Maintenance Rx

Splint Rx

Study Model Rx

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All of our documents are in PDF format for the utmost in universal accessibility. Adobe Acrobat is primarily used to view these documents, and if you don’t have it, you can
download it at Adobe’s website for free.

Product Information Sheets

Options – Study Model Labeling

There are many ways to label a study model, and with NorthStar the
choice is yours! Please indicate which method to use and be sure to
provide all patient information necessary to label in that manner.

Tips – Wax Bites

There are many types of wax bites and NorthStar has seen them all! Our
preference is one contructed with standard pink base plate wax – click
to check out how easy they are to make!

All of our documents are in PDF format for the utmost in universal
accessibility. Adobe Acrobat is primarily used to view these documents,
and if you don’t have it, you can

download it at Adobe’s website for free

Shipping Information
Shipping and Handling Fee

Although all shipping expenses are paid by NorthStar, there is an $12.79 handling fee attached to all incoming shipments.  Please keep in mind that unlike many of our competitors, this fee is assigned to the entire shipment regardless of the total quantity of patient cases included.  The fee is the same whether you send one case or twenty as long as all the boxes are taped together to form a single package. 

Shipping From Outside the US

Please send any cases to our lab pre-paid or call us to make arrangements to have them billed directly to your office.  Return freight charges will be applied to your account.

Sending a Case 


  • Carefully inspect your working models for voids, blebs or distortions.  Our finished product depends on the quality of your patient’s model.
  • Write your patient’s name on the bottom of the model, especially when more than one case is sent in a box.
  • Include a wax bite whenever upper or lower models are sent.
  • Supply upper and lower models whenever the teeth are to be repositioned or if an extremely close bite creates a potential for occlusal interference.
  • Complete AND Sign a NorthStar prescription sheet, either our Standard or one of our specialized sheets (Study Models, Herbst, Splints, Twin Block, Frankel or Crown/Bridge).
  • Be sure to include: Doctor name (if not imprinted or different than imprint), dental license number, patient name (spelling of your patients name is important so please print), date you are sending the order, date you want the order back in your office (we suggest 2 days prior to insertion date), type of appliance and any special instructions (please be specific) and also any shipping materials you need to have restocked.
  • (Please remember that the Doctor filling out the Prescription MUST SIGN to make it a legal document. Failure to properly fill out the prescription will cause a delay to your case! NorthStar will not be held responsible for delays caused by failure to properly complete the prescription.)
  • If you have questions on how to communicate your needs, please call 800.346.0011 for assistance from one of our many skilled technicians.  
Smiles Changes Lives

In support of the mission of Smiles Change Lives to provide access to orthodontic treatment for children in need, NorthStar is proud to offer one FREE Standard Retainer for each SCL patient assigned to your practice.

smiles change lives

Offer Details:

  • Traditional Standard Retainer with “Ball” or “C” Clasps” (Modifications or additions to design can be made for additional fee.)
  • Upper or Lower Appliance (Not Both)
  • May be used on any patient (Does not need to be the SCL patient)
  • Offer does include colored acrylic and decal. However, an additional fee will be assessed for Starbrite or True Art Design
  • Coupon must be returned with the case to receive offer

For more information about Smiles Change Lives visit