Trans-Palatal Arch – Upper


This appliance maintains arch width and has the advantage of an omega loop for positive pressure or slight expansion.

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  • Bands (Dr provided or NSOS) seated on the first molars
  • .040 palatal wire with omega loop going toward the mesial (forward) in the palate
  • TPA wire tig welded to the molar bands


  • Digitally printed bands available
  • Wire soldered to the molar bands
  • Loop going distal in the palate

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Case Requirements


  • We accept any type of impression materials that provide an accurate impression.
  • It is crucial for your impression to accurately reflect the necessary anatomy of your patient for proper fit of appliance.
  • It is required that your impression tray be intact with impression material upon delivery.
  • Impression trays and materials may be returned for an additional fee. Please note this with Clinician Support or on your Prescription Form.
  • If your impressions are affected by time, temperature, or are moisture sensitive, consider pouring your models immediately.
  • How well do you know your impression materials? Certain impression materials can contribute to model problems encountered in the lab, such as poor surface quality, bubbles, or other porosity issues which can affect the accuracy of your appliance. If you have any questions about best materials for use, if your impressions could be improved for lab use, please contact our Clinician Support Department. 


  • NorthStar accepts Plaster or Stone Models. 
  • Models should be trimmed without compromising the durability of the model.
  • Models need a base minimum of 7mm for strength and stability. If your model does not meet that requirement, a base may be added to your model for an additional charge.
  • If you need a duplicate work model made, this must be indicated on your prescription form or noted in Doctor Preferences as during the appliance creation, your model may be damaged. 

Bite Records:

  • Care in shipping and packaging of bite registrations is key. Special packaging, separate cases between molds and bite records should all be taken note of to make sure your products remain undamaged and intact at our facility. 
  • Proper identification for each record should be noted in every shipment.
  • We recommend any cases that require maxillary mounting, be done so before shipment to our lab.


Listed below are Articulators and accessories that are in use at NorthStar:

  • SAM® 1, SAM® 2, SAM® 3 
  • Denar®
  • Panadent
  • Whip Mix
  • Hanau™
  • Stratos 200
  • Artex®
  • Kavo


Warranty for All Products

100% Unconditional Repair/Remake Warranty 

NorthStar offers a 100% ‘no questions asked’ repair/remake warranty on appliances for 30 days from the original date of invoice. 

Please Note: 

  • This is a repair/remake warranty, not an offer of credit. 
  • Does not apply to design changes. 
  • Does not apply to aligners or other appliances with digitally reset teeth.

Limited Warranty 

NorthStar warrants that its appliances are free from errors in workmanship for 120 days from the original date of invoice. NorthStar will repair or remake (at our discretion) any product that fails to meet our production standards. 

Please Note: 

  • Does not apply to clinical non-fit due to dentition change 
  • Does not apply to model distortion 
  • Does not apply to breakage from improper handling. 

To Submit a Warranty Claim 

Please submit all of the following elements: 

  • Original appliance 
  • Original working model 
  • A new working model 
  • A full description of the points that did not meet expectations. 

Please return all required materials in one shipment. Separate shipments will incur additional handling fees.




NorthStar’s dental appliances are carefully designed and precisely handcrafted.  With proper care, this appliance should last throughout treatment.


Purchasing NorthStar’s appliance protection takes the stress out of lost or broken appliances. Damaged or lost appliances may be replaced once at no charge and subsequently at 50% during the coverage year for a reasonable single charge.

You design how you want the plan to work in your practice. You may purchase coverage as perks for your patient or you may make it available to your patients for purchase – at whatever price you determine! Either way, it will be greatly appreciated when an appliance is lost or broken.

For details and for pricing information, call Clinician Support @ 800-346-0011