Send Us Your Case - MidMark True Definition


Connect with NorthStar

  • Contact 3M Customer Service & Provide Them With Our NorthStar Connection Email – [email protected]
  • 3M Customer Service will Then Allow You To Be Able To Send NorthStar Scans Right Away.

Send NorthStar Your Case

  • Select “Patients” and Enter In Patient Information, Click “Add New”
  • Complete Patient Information and Click “Scan Now”
  • On the Left, Select The Arch You Are Going To Scan. When Scan is Complete Select the Check Mark
  • Select the Next Arch and Repeat Steps
  • When Your Scan is Complete, On the Left of The Screen Select “Data Request”
  • Click “OK” and Select “NorthStar Orthodontics”
  • Complete the “Notes” Section Fully Including Due Date As if it was Your Prescription Form

Our Customer Support Info: [email protected]
Toll Free: 800.346.0011
Local: 218.732.9503