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Digital Study Models

A convenient way to store your records and data, NorthStar’s Digital Division can assist you with preparation of your Digital Study Models.

The advancement in Digital Study Models will expedite and elevate your practice’s systems and processes. By integrating your Patient Management Software with your Digital Study Models you will enjoy quick and easy access to the files you need, when you need them.

If a physical Study Model is still desired, Study Models can now be printed in durable resin - with or without bases. Perhaps best of all, improvements in resin technology mean no more broken, chipped, or toothless models delivered to your office door. Each constructed resin model will be fully intact and ready for your immediate use.

To learn more about NorthStars Digital Study Model Services visit our FAQ’s and Finish Options Pages.

digital service model

Aside from providing you with the flexibility of options, our Digital Study Models offer several additional benefits:



No set-up fees; no start-up costs

Free email or web portal delivery

Free Web Portal Delivery



Records saved on NorthStar’s secure servers for 3 months

Meets HIPPA guidelines



Compatible with PC Based Software Systems

Saves time when treatment planning

Employs real-time patient education



Utilizes high resolution scanning processes

Accepted by ABO for re-treatment cases



Frees up much-needed office storage space

Eliminates messy, costly breakages

3D Printing - Form Cell

Accelerating accuracy, our Form Cell has revolutionized the Digital Department at NorthStar. The fully-automated Form Cell uses Form 2 Printers allowing for production 24/7, creating durable resin models to build your custom appliances on. This technology allows for your products to arrive to your office door faster with a focus and attention to the comfort and fit of your patient.

State of the Art Technology

Around the Clock Production

Shorter Turnaround Time

Better Fitting Appliances

Durable Study Models

Complete In House Production

resin model

Resin Models for Appliances

In order to provide you with a full-service offering of digital enhancements and products, NorthStar Orthodontics has acquired the technology and expertise to develop unique, high-quality resin models for appliances fabrication.

Any .STL file can be imported and printed on NorthStar’s on-site, state of the art FormCell 3D printing unit. If you’ve invested in an intraoral scanner that’s able to export in .STL, NorthStar can receive your digital file, print it out, and construct any appliance to meet your specific demands.

Select Your Scanner:

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