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NorthStar Orthodontics is a full service Orthodontics Lab. Can’t find the appliance your looking for? No problem, contact our Clinician Support Representatives to find and design the perfect appliance for your patient.

44 years of experience in the dental industry.

At NorthStar, we strive to create the perfect appliance everytime, on-time and to your exact specifications.

A smile is no small thing. Helping to create a beautiful one is something we take to heart. Maybe it's because we're surrounded by the natural beauty of the Minnesota Northwoods. Or that we're part of a small community where accountability and integrity matter. Or that we believe in a strong work ethic.

Whatever the reason, the result is evident in our meticulous craftsmanship, thoughtful approach, friendly communication and timely service. From our first order in 1976 to today, we've found that our customers, and their patients in turn, appreciate the extra measure of care we bring to our work.

In fact, it makes them smile - beautifully. And isn't that the whole point?


People are NorthStar’s most important resource.


We seek first to understand, then to be understood.


Our teams are trained, focused and accountable with clearly defined goals.

Digital Services

At NorthStar, we understand that if you want to be successful tomorrow, you have to go above and beyond expectations today. In a world of ever changing industry trends and technology advancements, we are committed to being at the forefront. From Digital Impressions to Flawless Appliances, NorthStar’s Digital Division can assist you through all stages of the Digital Fabrication Process.

make it myway™

We know that efficiency is the key to a successful practice. That’s why NorthStar makes it easy for you to get your favorite appliance designs.

With MyWay you can design an infinite array of appliances, exactly the way you like them.  It’s your own custom appliance catalog, complete with unique SKU numbers for easy ordering.

Now that’s smart.

“I have been using removable appliances for over 25 years and I can’t recall the last time I needed a remake. If I send NorthStar a good set of models and a proper wax bite, the appliance always fits – always! I’ve worked with other ortho labs and NorthStar is the best!”
– Dr. Robert E. Craven (Liberty, MO)

“I have been utilizing your Appliance Protection plan for over five years. It has been a great public relations tool and benefit for my patients and their parents. I recommend NorthStar’s Appliance Protection to all my orthodontic comrades.”
– Dr. Jerome Goldberg (Monroe, NY)

“We know from 20 years of experience that NorthStar delivers top quality appliances. We appreciate all that their lab accomplishes, so our office treatment plans progress smoothly. Thanks for everything!”
– Dr. Joe Wenner (St. Cloud, MN)

“What’s it all about? Service, quality and the people you work with. I suggest you try NorthStar lab. That’s what I’ve found they are all about.”
– Dr. E. Lynn Veneri (Princeton, WV)

“N-Nice People!
O-On time deliveries!
S-Service with a smile!
T-Top notch work!
R-Right on!”
– Dr. Robert D. Rosenberg (Waterford, CT)

“I wish to thank NorthStar for the fine lab work that you do for me. Spring retainers, Twin Blocks and bonded expanders all fit well and are made to the prescription sent.”
– Dr. John Nord (Grand Forks, ND)

“You guys are just the best! I got myself into a pickle about an appliance and didn’t even know what to ask for. Your staff and I faxed drawings back and forth until we came up with exactly what I wanted. And, oh my gosh, our patients absolutely love what you can do with designs in retainers – they can print out a design on their computer and you find a way to make it appear in their retainer. If we need something rushed you are accommodating – super accurate and dependable!”
– MaryJo from the office of Dr. Robert Ross (Florence, KY)

“NorthStar has been providing years of consistent excellence in the fabrication of retainers and functional appliances for our offices. They are willing to customize and will call us with the appropriate questions. We are satisfied in every way.”
– Dr. Michael Sabat (Parma, OH)

“Thank you, NorthStar, for more than 20 years of specialized service. My needs have been very specific, probably differing from normal techniques, and I know that I have been difficult to please at times, but I greatly appreciate your interest in helping me design appliances. I know your services will continue at the high quality you have always provided me with.”
– Dr. R. J. Gibson (Fergus Falls, MN)

Graduate Reward Program

NorthStar is proud to reward those who work hard for a brighter furture!

Our exclusive incentive program was created to help jump start your career! If you have graduated in the last two years you may be eligible to qualify for 15% discount on all appliances ordered from NorthStar for 6 months. Fill out an application today!

Apply Here


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